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From Origination to Operation

For the past 15 years we were the freelance team ‘behind the inflatables’ for what were the UKs leading advertising inflatable suppliers. You would have seen our work at everything from the Olympics to your local garden centre!

Behind the scenes we looked after everything from initial enquiries and site surveys to research and development to project management, design, painting, repair, preparation, installation and international operation of advertising and specialist inflatables! 

Now we have teamed up to do all of this for ourselves and our clients! So If you’re looking for inflatable advertising products that will make your brand stand out and shout HEY! to your clients, look no further than HEY! Advertising Inflatables.

HEY! Inflatables has the perfect inflatable solution for you. With our custom design service, you can create a unique inflatable that perfectly represents your brand or event, or you can choose to temporarily brand one of our stock inflatables.

In addition to advertising inflatables, we thrive in the research and development of specialist inflatables with our in-house, time served engineers.

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