Advertising Inflatables by HEY!

Inflatable Product Replicas

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Inflatable Product Replicas At HEY! Advertising Inflatables, we are proud to be experts in the design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke inflatable product replicas. Our commitment to delivering exceptional advertising solutions has made us a leading name in the industry. Designing inflatable product replicas requires a blend of creativity and precision. We work closely with […]

Inflatable Medical Tents


Inflatable Medical Tents Inflatable medical tents are indeed a practical and efficient solution for rapid deployment in emergency situations. Their easy setup and transportability make them ideal for emergency response efforts. Additionally, their flexibility in size and customizability provide a versatile solution for various applications, including medical centers, temporary housing, and command centers, among others. […]

Inflatable Spider Tents

12m Diam Super Green Inflatable Spider Tent For Advertising with 10 Legs

Inflatable Spider Tents HEY! Advertising Inflatables has an attractive and versatile range of spider tents that offer a cost-effective inflatable building solution, suitable for all weather. The spider tents feature detachable side panels, providing the option for the inflatable to be open or totally enclosed. The inflatable can be made water-tight with a welded cover, […]

Inflatable Tunnels

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Inflatable Tunnels HEY! Advertising Inflatables offers custom-made Inflatable Tunnels that are perfect for sporting, music, and arts events. Whether you require an inflatable entrance tunnel or a stage cover, we can cater to your bespoke requirements. Our Inflatable Tunnels are available in various finishes such as smooth, ribbed, or honeycomb, and can be designed to […]

Inflatable Cubes


Inflatable Cubes Looking for a unique and elegant addition to your event? Consider HEY! Advertising Inflatables’ inflatable cube structures. With premium quality and more headroom than inflatable domes due to their shape, our inflatable cubes provide ample floor space for up to 80 people standing or 50 people seated. They are perfect for various events […]

Inflatable Pods

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Inflatable Pods If you’re looking for a unique and smaller alternative to Inflatable Domes and Inflatable Cubes, consider HEY! Advertising Inflatables’ Inflatable Pods. When combined with LED’s and colored lighting, Inflatable Pods offer a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers. These pods are perfect for various events such as chill-out areas, exhibition stands, pop-up bars, merchandise […]

Inflatable Domes

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Inflatable Domes HEY! Advertising Inflatables is a leading supplier of Inflatable Domes for a variety of business requirements throughout the UK and Europe. Our range of Inflatable Domes for sale offers significant advantages over traditional temporary structures and marquees, including fast installation, easy transportation, and excellent noise and thermal insulation. Our inflatable domes are ideal […]

Inflatable Buildings

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Inflatable Buildings HEY! Advertising Inflatables is a specialist in designing, supplying, and installing inflatable buildings, including inflatable event cubes, inflatable domes, inflatable igloos, inflatable pods, and inflatable promotional buildings. Our bespoke inflatable designs are custom-made to meet your specific requirements and ideas, all of which can be fully branded and lit up. Our inflatable housing […]

Inflatable Shootouts

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Inflatable Shootouts Looking for a way to make your company fun day or team training event unforgettable? Look no further than HEY! We now offer an inflatable sports shootout design that can be customized to match your brand or team. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to train your team or just want to […]

The National Lottery Inflatables

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The National Lottery New Dawn Project Description Contracted to Imagine Inflatables as freelance inflatable operators, we looked after the operations side of The National Lottery New Dawn project. The brief was to produce 6 media worthy PR stunts across the UK within 48 hours. The stunts were part of a nationwide campaign to publicise the Lotto […]