Advertising Inflatables by HEY!

Inflatable Planets

HEY! Advertising Inflatables provides a unique way of displaying the solar system through customised inflatable planets, ranging from inflatable Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon. These giant balloons can be printed and customised to create a truly majestic effect using an LED bulb internally. The size of the inflatable planets varies from small as a beach ball to a giant inflatable mass when in scale. We can provide a range of existing designs for inflatable moons and inflatable Earths, or we can create a custom design from scratch with a logo added to the layout.

These inflatable planets can be helium filled and used to float above your stand at an event or air filled to be suspended. For ground use, we can create a ring for the inflatable globe to sit in. To enhance the cosmic feel, we can also supply stars that hang down alongside the giant illuminated LED planet. With this unique display, you are sure to attract attention from spectators and participants. Inflatable globes are a lightweight and cost-effective way to bring the stars above down for everyone to enjoy at events, venues, museums, and shows around the world.