Advertising Inflatables by HEY!

Inflatable Spider Tents

HEY! Advertising Inflatables has an attractive and versatile range of spider tents that offer a cost-effective inflatable building solution, suitable for all weather. The spider tents feature detachable side panels, providing the option for the inflatable to be open or totally enclosed. The inflatable can be made water-tight with a welded cover, and can also have clear transparent sides to allow light to enter, even in wet weather.

These spider tents are popular at festivals, outdoor exhibitions, and sporting events, and can be used alongside smaller inflatable tents for indoor exhibitions and trade shows. The range offers a wide range of usability options and branding choices, such as direct print or removable banner choices to the canopy, legs, and sides. In addition, Glow can illuminate the spider framework with LED lights for night-time events.

HEY! Advertising Inflatables can design spider tents to be sealed or to have a constant air flow, depending on the tent’s size and the situation it will be used in. These inflatable structures can be made from 3m x 3m to 14m sizes, making them a great choice for a range of events.