Advertising Inflatables by HEY!

The National Lottery New Dawn

Project Description

Contracted to Imagine Inflatables as freelance inflatable operators, we looked after the operations side of The National Lottery New Dawn project.

The brief was to produce 6 media worthy PR stunts across the UK within 48 hours. The stunts were part of a nationwide campaign to publicise the Lotto ticket price increasing from £1 to £2.

On the launch day the whole team rendezvoused at the East India dock in London where we set about installing 4 giant inflatable lottery balls on Thames River barges.

Each barge had one illuminated lottery ball, an inflatable ring to prevent it from rolling off, a generator and a continuous air fan. All of which was properly rigged for safety.

Once the installation was complete, a third of the installation crew set sail down the Thames to monitor the inflatables.

At this point, another third of the team set course for Cardiff (with a few stops on the way!) and the remainder of the team headed to Gatwick Airport to catch a plane to Inverness!

Total Activities:

  • Illuminated and floated down the Thames throughout the night until dawn
  • Installed ‘Nessie style’ on Loch Ness
  • ‘Crashed’ into the MShed in Bristol
  • Sailed under Ironbridge on the River Severn
  • Stationed outside The Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay
  • Dropped on to a London taxi in Covent Garden